About Us

All Zeus Coffee Blends are made by a single, top-quality roaster who uses only
100% Arabica beans and Post-Roast Blending - a feat "the big guys" simply cannot manage, and a detail that defines excellence.
What is Post-Roast Blending?
Rather than simply mixing the beans together and roasting them in huge batches
like "the big guys," our roaster uses Post-Roast Blending,
meaning the beans are roasted separately for their specific recipe,
and then blended together to create the perfect coffee blends.
"Almighty Zeus Blend" is our Signature Blend made exclusively for Zeus Coffee, but whichever Blend starts your taste buds doing a tap dance on your tongue,
we are certain your palate will be satiated.
Zeus Coffee Network, LLC is owned and operated by two longtime friends who happen to love coffee! Where Lorna prefers a clean tasting medium roast,
Michelle likes a rich, dark roast that lingers.
In their search for the perfect coffee to offer their customers, Lorna and Michelle brewed, cupped, and flat out gulped almost as many blends as there are beans until
they found the best roasted coffee there is,

 "The Coffee of the Gods"